Test and Tagging of electrical equipment and tools

Test and Tag Perth

The Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 (OSH Act) requires that electrical equipment is certified as safe and does not expose workers to electrical hazards.

Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996 (the OSH regulations) stipulate that all plug in portable electrical equipment and RCDs are safe and regularly tested and inspected at various intervals depending on the class of work.

These can be divided into two main areas:

Construction as required by AS/NZS 3012, and for office, service, manufacturing, amusement, rural industry work. On construction sites testing and tagging all equipment should be carried out every three months as a minimum. RCD tests must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of AS/NZS.

Other workplaces require a risk management approach to determine the type of inspection and if necessary any testing required.

As a rule, if the equipment is high use, testing regimes should be more frequent. In general office, testing is performed every 12 months on portable plug in equipment; RCDs a minimum of every 6 months.

Hire companies appliances and equipment should be tested as they leave to each job, or a minimum of quarterly.

PRF Electrical are qualified to provide all testing and tagging, we use a superior high end PAT (portable appliance tester) which digitally records each test and prints a barcoded tag which can be scanned for ongoing testing, thus producing a record of accurate results for each appliance.

Records are required to be kept and you may be asked to produce them by a Worksafe inspector. We provide your records in digital format which is acceptable, but you can also easily print these as a hard copy.

Different tag colours identify the different time interval between testing of equipment. In Western Australia we use; RED for December to February, GREEN March to May, BLUE June to August, YELLOW September to November. BLACK is 12 monthly and ORANGE & WHITE 6 monthly.

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