As a property investor, property manager or body corporate manager, your goal is to keep every rental home, park home, or apartment safe, functioning efficiently and cost-effectively, and tenanted. PRF Electrical are your experienced Strata & Real Estate Electricians in Perth.

“We know how important your rental properties are and we’ll help you keep them safe, efficient and profitable.”

According to the Western Australian Department of Commerce’s residential property security standards, landlords are responsible for keeping the electrical systems working and compliant and that includes the following:

RCD Installation and testing | PRF Electrical ServicesRCD Installation and

  • At least two Residual Current Devices (RCDs) must be fitted to the electrical switchboard of any residential rental property, and must protect all general power and lighting circuits.
  • The RCDs must be tested every three months. The tenant can usually carry out the test but unless you’re sure you can rely on them, it may be better to have the test done by your regular maintenance provider.

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Smoke Detector Installation & Testing | PRF Electrical ServicesSmoke Detector Installation and Testing

  • Smoke alarms must be installed in every rental property prior to the tenancy agreement being signed.
  • The alarms must be less than 10 years old and hard-wired to the mains electrical supply.
  • They must be tested at least once every year.

Read more: Smoke detectors.

Strata & Real Estate Electricians Perth | PRF Electrical ServicesPorch/Entry Lighting

  • Since 1 July 2015, most residential rental properties require an electrical light at, or near, the main entry.
  • The device must be operable from inside.

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  • We respond quickly to every need, whether it’s inspections, new fixtures, maintenance or repairs.
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Reliable Strata & Real Estate Electricians Perth – PRF Electrical Services for Rental Properties

You can face significant fines for non-compliance with the electrical requirements. So, if things do go wrong, you need to know that your electrical team will fix it fast and affordably, but above all properly. This is where PRF Electrical comes in.

PRF Electrical can check if any property you own or manage meets the standard, and make the necessary additions or repairs to ensure that the property becomes compliant.

Property Electrical Condition Reports

PRF Electrical provides a standard Electrical Condition Report (Visual) as a record of our testing and inspection of properties to look for non-compliant and unsafe electrical situations.

We provide an annual inspection service to keep all electrical systems compliant and functioning properly or we inspect your property prior to sale or rental.

Please note if you ask for an Energy Safety, Electrical Safety Certificate should be issued where electrical installation work has been performed, it is not its intent to be used for maintenance work ~ condition report or inspection notice as per this extract :

Electrical safety certificates, issue of for electrical installing work

(1)         Subject to subregulations (3) and (5) and regulation 52BA, an electrical contractor who carries out any electrical installing work, or causes any electrical installing work to be carried out, commits an offence unless, within the period of 28 days after the completion of the electrical installing work, an electrical safety certificate, in a form approved by the Director and duly completed, is prepared by the electrical contractor in respect of the electrical installing work and delivered to the person for whom the work was carried out…………

(3)         Subregulation (1) does not apply to —

(a)         maintenance work

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