Are You Feeling Secure?

August 6, 2019

Are You Feeling Secure?

Crime is on the increase and for many homeowners and tenants, it no longer feels enough just to lock your doors at night or when you go on holidays. If you’re pondering what other options you have when it comes to home security, there’s plenty of options on the market and you may not have considered them all.

Let’s take a look at the options available that will help you feel more secure in your home.


CCTV is a television system where the images are not distributed to the public. Instead these images  are monitored for security purposes. This security system relies on a strategic placement of the cameras to ensure the correct areas are being recorded. Cameras can be connected to the monitor via Data cables or wireless. While the old CCTV systems were of low resolution and often in black and white, the modern systems are full colour, high resolution and give you the ability to track someone on the camera or zoom in and out to get a better look.

CCTV is a good option if you need to monitor who is coming and going to your property.

Security/Sensor Lighting

Motion and sensor lighting are a good option as a deterrent to criminals. Thieves are looking for homes that are vulnerable and where they won’t be seen entering or exiting the property. Security and sensor lights make people approaching your home visible. Motion lighting is the best option as it only lights up when someone is close rather than running all night. These lights are also a great option for when you arrive home late at night but don’t want to leave your outside lights on all day and night.


Security alarms work on sensors that located at entry points  throughout your premises, often windows, exterior doors and other entry locations. The alarm is off when it detects no movement on the circuit, and triggers when it does detect movement. Some  alarm systems today can be wireless which allows for a bit more flexibility in where in your premises  the alarm sensors are located, however maintenance is required with batteries to be changed.  Alarm systems are great for those who spend large amounts of time away from their premises, whether that be long distance work or long hours in the office. For those who duck in and out, or spend most of the day at home (or if you are likely to forget to switch on and off the alarm), there are other options which may be of more benefit such as a remote control fob on your car keys.


Intercoms can be a good security option, whether they be installed at your front gate or at your front door. These systems provide you with the knowledge of knowing who is at your front entry before you allow access. Intercom systems can be audio only but there are a few options for audio and video which will provide you with extra security. Intercom systems can generally be answered from wherever you are and give you the control of providing access to your premises, even if you aren’t there.

Gate Control

Another option that goes hand in hand with intercoms is having an access gate installed, whether this be across your driveway or at the entrance to your home. Intercom controlled gates provide an extra layer of security, especially if you install an intercom with a camera. These intercoms often allow you to provide access to visitors whether you are home or not, so you can let family in that you were expecting while you’re picking up extra supplies at the shops.

Security Tips

If you manage a building or a residential complex, it is always a great idea to change your passcodes regularly. Ensuring you take out any old passcodes or entry details for people who have moved out is essential in providing security for your building. One easy way to remember is that as people move out (tenants hand back their keys), disable their passcodes and swipe cards as part of your moving out process.

It is also a good idea to regularly review your Wi-Fi passwords and access codes, even if you don’t live in a share house. By regularly updating your passwords, you can minimise the chance of your password being guessed or randomly generated and being used without your knowledge.

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