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What Makes a Good Residential Electrician?

It is common to hear about people doing electrical work in their homes instead of calling for a residential electrician. It may seem like a good idea to use a DIY approach. However, it is potentially dangerous and also illegal.   Western Australian law prohibits anyone other than a licensed electrician from doing electrical work, even […]

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Industrial Vs. Commercial Electrician: Key Differences  

  Five Key Differences Quick Summary  While the titles commercial electrician and industrial electrician sound similar, the jobs and requisite training vary in several significant ways. A quick look at the professions shows differences.  The workplace and work environment is a critical difference between the types of electricians.  The range of voltage each works with […]

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LED Lights for Commercial Buildings

Commercial lighting is a phrase used to refer to lighting installed in commercial spaces, such as distribution centres, factories, warehouses, offices, dealerships, churches, and restaurants. Commercial lighting is designed to withstand more wear and tear and last for longer than residential lighting. Commercial Lighting Systems Commercial lighting systems are generally adapted to a specific application. […]

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Preparing Your Commercial Space for Summer 2024 – Lights, Equipment, and Solar Solutions

As summer approaches, businesses must take steps to ensure that their commercial spaces are ready to tackle the challenges posed by rising temperatures. Just like homeowners prepare their residences, businesses must make necessary preparations to create a comfortable and efficient environment for both employees and customers during the scorching heat of summer. In this comprehensive […]

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Proudly CM3 Pre-Qualified: One more reason to trust PRF Electrical

There are many reasons to choose an electrical provider. A highly qualified, professional service, trustworthy tradespeople, impeccable company ethics, value for money and, of course, putting safety first. At PRF Electrical, we ensure all the above and, to ensure that we go one step further, are proud to ensure that we undergo our annual assessment […]

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How long do LED Lights Really Last?

The other day, I was conversing with a customer about changing their lighting over from halogen and incandescent lights to longer lasting LEDs, when it dawned on me that perhaps it wasn’t really true. Do LEDs really last longer than other lights?  Did you ever have a conversation or ponder a thought that maybe items were manufactured to last […]

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Are You Feeling Secure?

Crime is on the increase and for many homeowners and tenants, it no longer feels enough just to lock your doors at night or when you go on holidays. If you’re pondering what other options you have when it comes to home security, there’s plenty of options on the market and you may not have […]

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