December 10, 2017

Connect with your solar

Solar smart monitorFaults happen. We’ve got you covered

There are many reasons why a solar system could experience problems.

In the event of a problem, you can rely on Solar Analytics Monitoring to quickly and accurately detect developing faults, failures or under-performance.

Keeping your solar system performing at its best will give you the most value.

Produce more, use less, save money

With Solar Analytics Monitoring, you can optimise your home energy consumption to align with your available solar.

Knowing how much free energy from the sun you’re using every day translates into real dollar savings.

How else will you know if you’re getting the most out of your solar?

The energy world is changing

Batteries, electric vehicles and energy trading are all part of the future of energy. It’s coming soon than you may think.

The way we interact with energy will be markedly different. Solar Analytics Monitoring will give you the tools to manage the coming changes.

Solar AnalyticsA few of our features

  • Real time data
  • Solar production levels
  • Home energy consumption
  • System performance analysis
  • System fault notifications
  • Savings through solar used
  • Savings through solar exported
  • Configurable savings data (for bill checking)
  • Battery sizing calculator
  • Battery monitoring
  • Battery-ready notifications
  • Monthly reports
  • Works with any solar system
  • Easily installed by an electrician
  • Australian owned
  • Australian-based support team

Increase your solar performance and save money with solar monitoring

Solar Analytics Monitoring measures your data in real-time: solar generation, energy use, system performance and cost savings. Get access to all your energy stats anywhere, on any device to get the most value from your system.


The Solar Smart Monitor connects easily to your solar power system through your meter board.

Whether you have an existing solar power system or are putting in brand new solar panels, installation of our device is a simple process for any licenced electrician.

How does it work?

Solar Analytics

Solar Analytics dashboard

See results any time through the dashboard

Using the Dashboard, you can tell when it’s the most efficient time of the day to turn on your most energy-hungry appliances. Run the pool pump, turn off the hot water, and set your appliances to run at the optimal time every day to slash your energy bills even further.


Supply and install in residential single phase $399

Supply and install in residential three phase $499

Monthly access $6 to data

Prices effective 22nd May 2017.
*All prices exclude GST

For more information on how Solar Analytics can benefit you, please contact us on (08) 9330 2505

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