October 4, 2016

Exit and Emergency Lighting – What’s the easy way out?

As a shop owner, hairdresser, cafe or kiosk owner or restaurateur, you’re probably aware that every Class 6 building – that is, the premises where you operate – requires at least one exit sign. Even if your shop floor is tiny, and you would think that the exit is unmistakable.

But what about signs pointing to exits, and emergency lighting? Do you really need them, and where should they be placed if you do?

As it turns out, the Building Code of Australia (BCA) is very specific about the need for emergency lighting and exit signs, and provides an in depth prescription for where they must be placed. Every Class 6 building built after 1 July 1994 and occupying a space of 100 square metres or more is required to have both exit signs and emergency lighting. As for placement, it all depends on issues such as stairways and passageways, floor size and much more.

If you’d care to consider the technical details of the Code and how it affects your shop or business, download your free copy.

But probably the best way is to get one of the team at PRF Electrical to come and conduct a free audit of your premises to ensure you comply. We know the BCA very well and we can tell you what signs or lighting you should have installed and where, and provide you with a quote to get you to compliance levels quickly.

For your free emergency lighting and exit signs audit, contact Phil Fraser or call PRF Electrical on 9330 2505

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