November 23, 2017

Smart homes just got smarter

This story is great news for property developers, builders, business owners and residents alike.

Clipsal Iconic
Ever since ‘smart wiring’ became a thing, people have been installing large central units in their homes and offices to manage automated systems such as lighting, heating and cooling, and security.

The good news is that now Clipsal have created a whole new range of switching gear, the Iconic range that removes the need for a central control system.

Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity, the Iconic switch gear can easily be paired to your smart phone via the Wiser Room app. This allows you simple, one touch management of timers, motion sensor features, dimmers and other aspects of the device paired.

Because every switch is independent, they can be replaced or removed quickly and easily, and you can apply exactly the settings you want for that switch.

The team at PRF would be happy to give you a demonstration of how the new Clipsal system can give you control over multiple switches and devices in your home or office – call Phil at PRF for details.

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