November 4, 2016

Mature Age Apprentice is Made of the Right Stuff

Local firm PRF Electrical has a long history of helping young electricians to learn the trade through apprenticeships, and helping them develop into skilled, professional tradesmen.

In 2014 PRF took on a mature age apprentice Patrik Iwanowski, and just two years into his apprenticeship this young man has been named the winner of the prestigious Rotary Club of Fremantle’s Pride of Workmanship Award.

PRF Electrical’s Phil Fraser said that the award is a testament to Patrik’s character and attitude, and that he is proud to have him on the PRF team.

“We nominated Patrik because of his outstanding commitment and diligence,” said Phil when the Award was announced. “This bloke doesn’t just listen and study the way an apprentice should, he spends his spare time working out how equipment works, finding out the best ways to repair and maintain it, and striving to really understand his trade,” he said.

“We’ve had a lot of apprentices through our doors, because we know how important it is to the future of the industry to train them up, and over the years we’ve had plenty of good trades on our team. But Patrik is exceptional, and he is rapidly becoming a fine multi-skilled electrician,” said Phil.

Patrik paid tribute to the PRF Electrical team, saying that pride of workmanship is something that the entire PRF team shares. “We all care about what we’re doing, and we love doing it,” said Patrik. “It’s not just our pay packets but our lives that depend on attention to detail, and Phil has always emphasised the importance of customer satisfaction in our business. I guess all that harping on just rubbed off on me,” he said.

The Award was presented on 26 October at a ceremony at Fremantle Sailing Club, with Patrik taking home a trophy. It appears that the field was a tough one, and for Patrik to win the award further demonstrates his value not just to PRF but to the industry.

The PRF team

The PRF team at the prestigious Rotary Club of Fremantle’s Pride of Workmanship Award.
Left to right: Josh, Shannon, Phil L, Adele, Patrik, Lisa and Phil F

Patrik Iwanowski - winner of the prestigious Rotary Club of Fremantle's Pride of Workmanship Award

Kim Passmore (current President of the Rotary Club Of Fremantle), Patrik Iwanowski and Phil Fraser at the award ceremony.

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