July 17, 2015

Questions to ask your Perth Electrician

Finding a good Electrician is like finding any good trades person. You need to make sure they:

  1. Know what they are doing
  2. Are they qualified to do the job
  3. Will do it when they say they will
  4. Will do it for the agreed price

Ask the Electricians to provide a copy of their Public Liability Insurance. Ask whether they have a complaints resolution process and if they offer an insurance-backed warranty.

If you‘re not employing the Electrician yourself but are doing so through a Builder or Contractor, we would recommend that you check their credentials by going through the same process. Ask for more than verbal assurances. Spoken agreements do not provide any recourse if the electrician is incompetent.

Before they start

  • Agree a timetable of work and get confirmation of their expected completion date in writing. For larger jobs, ask for regular updates on their progress and ask that if they are not going to meet the completion date given, that they tell you immediately.
  • Agree on payment terms so you can ensure that you have the funds available.
  • Always ask for a receipt or statement of account.

During the work

  • Try to avoid making changes or adding to the job halfway through. This will usually cost more and cause delays. If you do need to make changes, confirm them with the Electrician in writing
  • If you have any concerns or questions talk to the electrician straight away. Make it clear exactly what you are concerned or unhappy about, explain what you want done and give the Electrician a chance to put things right.

After the work is completed

There are some things to remember after you have paid the electrician.

  • If the electrical work carried out is covered under Building Regulations you should receive a certificate to confirm that the work meets the applicable Building Regulations
  • Once you have received the certificate(s) relating to the electrical work, put them in a safe place. You may need to provide them as proof that you have had the work carried out safely, especially if you decide to sell the property.
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