December 22, 2016

The Renewable Revolution is here

Here’s a plug for electric vehicle chargersGaro Electrical Vehicle Charger

Forgive us for the shameless pun, but we know you’ll get a charge out of this – PRF Electrical is working on a deal supply and fit domestic Garo Electrical Vehicle Chargers, thanks to our very good friends at Sealed Performance Batteries.

The stylish Garo wall-mounted home charger is ideal for use at home or your workplace car park. Available in either 16 or 32 Amp versions, the Garo Home Charger means you can charge your vehicle faster than is possible with the 10 Amp cable supplied with your vehicle, while a variety of different connectors allows maximum flexibility and efficiency. The unit is overcurrent protected, so there’s no need to add an extra RCBO (Residual-current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent protector) on installation.

We hope to conclude negotiations with Sealed Performance Batteries soon, and offer fast, professional installation at your home or office. Why not let us know if you’re interested, because the more interest we can demonstrate, the sooner we’ll be able to offer this important service.

To find out more, download Garo’s Electric Vehicle Home Charger flyer or AC Public Charging Stations flyer.

Garden City looking greener by the day

PRF Electrical was recently pleased to get a call from Garden City to go down there and install an Electric Vehicle charging station for customer use. We also installed a 10kW Commercial Solar Array at the same centre this year, so you could say it is a free charge from the sun. What better incentive to do your shopping at one of our greener shopping centres than to plug into free EV power while you’re there!

If you don’t have an electric vehicle but you’re interested in finding more about them, a great place to start is the RAC’s Electric Highway page. It tells you all you need to know about EVs, gives you some interesting links, and even provides a map of charging stations installed under its Electric Highway program.

And no, you don’t have to be rich to own an electric car – although it would help to be if you lust after the Tesla vehicle shown in our photo.

Electrical Vehicle Charger station at Garden City, Perth WA

The renewable revolution is hereElectric Vehicle

You know that once-fringe activities like going solar and driving electric vehicles are becoming mainstream when conservative organisations like golf clubs start adopting them.

And that is exactly what’s happening around our fair city. Smart, conservation-minded patrons at some of our most esteemed institutions are cottoning on to the Electric Vehicle phenomenon, and seeing the value in installing solar power – and they’re helping to persuade those institutions to follow suit. You can now find EV charging stations at golf clubs as well as shopping centres and other locations, and the use of PV (photovoltaic solar) power units is increasing.

If  you or your organisation would like to join the revolution – whether you’re a commercial centre, local government council or simply a future-minded business – talk to us at PRF Electrical.

Hint: it’s easier and more cost-effective to install your EV charging station at the same time as you have us install PV solar panels and equipment.


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